Article Marketing For Beginners – The Top 3 Biggest Avoidable Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Article marketing is a great way to get started on the internet, because it is the gateway  to creating content, driving traffic, building a list, creating marketing messages and creating products.

The challenge  for many is there are so many mistakes you can make just starting out. The good news is these mistakes are avoidable. Here are 3 of the top mistakes, how to avoid them and what to do instead.

Wimpy Titles – The title of your article is just like a headline in a newspaper or magazine. It has one purpose: to get you to want to read the article. If you create a “wimpy title” then you are unlikely to get many readers, and thus not many prospects.

EX: The title of this article could have been “Mistakes to Avoid When Starting to Write Articles.” Not a completely bad title but it is wimpy because it does not compel you to read the article.

Contrast this with the title of this article – “Article Marketing for Beginners – The Top 3 Biggest Avoidable Mistakes and What to Do Instead.” This title starts off by telling you who the article is for: beginners. Then it goes on to give clear benefits: the 3 biggest mistakes and what to do instead.

See the difference?

Constipated Bodies – What did you just say? Is this a laxative commercial? No, it’s just a strong term I use to make sure my students and members don’t make this mistake. Most people will just stick the entire article body together into one big hunk of text. This “constipates” the eye of the reader and does not let the reader flow through the article.

You want to break up you article body into easily readable chunks of info that allows the reader to flow through the article.

Notice how I have done just that with this article.

Snobby Resource Boxes – A snobby resource box is one in which the author begins to talk all about themselves and their many accomplishments. It’s all about them.

The reader Does Not Care! The reader (prospect) is interested in what is in it for them. When you create a compelling Call to Action, you invite the reader to click through to your web site or blog to get more good information from you that will help them in building their business.

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