Content Marketing For Beginners – How to Craft Titles That Make the Reader Have to Read Your Article

helpful tips_sm_borderDo you know how to create article titles that virtually make the reader “have to” read your article? Here are a few strategies for creating compelling article titles.

Article Title Tips

Let’s take a recent title of one of my articles and break it down a bit:

Article Marketing For Beginners – How to Quickly Create Your 1st 10 Articles (Works For Experts Too)

Keywords -There are keywords in the first four words of the title. This helps your article get noticed more by the search engines. Notice too that it flows well for the article title so it is great for us humans as well.

Who is it for? – Letting your prospect know exactly who the article is for pulls in the exact kind of person you want. Sure it may rule some people out, but those whom it pulls in are highly qualified prospects.

How to – Tried and true in marketing. How to pulls people in by implying the benefit of learning exactly how to do something.

Bring in “the lys” – Using words that end in “ly” pull in the reader and actually get them excited. Quickly, easily, rapidly, whatever fits for your niche.

Benefits – Never craft an article title without including clear benefits. Ask yourself “Does my title offer a clear benefit?” If the answer is no, then work with your title until the benefits are clear. In this title the bottom line benefit is “Create Your First 10 Articles.”

Keywords Again – I’ve also found a way to easily and naturally use one of my keywords, “articles” again in the title. This gets the title picked up more often by the search engines.

Parentheses Power – Adding parentheses grabs the prospects attention at the end of the title and offers another benefit as well. You can also be playful and have fun with this at the end of your title. Humor sells.

The longer the better – Some people advocate the shorter the title the better. This is a great strategy for books, but is dead wrong for article titles. Longer titles allow you to convey the benefits of reading your article, allows you more room for keywords, and when done correctly, pulls the reader in to virtually have to read your article.

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