[Article Marketing and Online Visibility] – Here’s Why You Need Massive Online Visibility (And Now)

Article maarticle marketing, online visibility, jeff herringrketing is a great way to create massive online visibility. Denise Wakeman, a good friend and colleague, and one of the premier experts in online visibility, says you want to hear people say “I see you everywhere.”

In this article you’ll discover why you need massive online visibility so you can hear I see you everywhere.

Why you need massive online visibility

Jeff, can’t I just put up a website and people will come? Well, that’s kind of the old way of doing things, and even back then it didn’t work. It was built off that notion from the movie Field of Dreams; if you build it, they will come.

Great line in a great movie, but not a good marketing strategy. Not a good marketing strategy at all. So you need massive online visibility. I first discovered this years ago when I began to take my information and spread it out there, and all of a sudden I went from unknown to known within a period of about 90 days. I went from zero on the Internet to making over -(CLICK HERE for the rest of the article and to receive an invitation to a 31 minute webinar on “How to Quickly Create Massive Online Visibility by Doing Just One Thing Very Well”)

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