Article Marketing Ain’t Sexy – But It’s Quickest Way to Make Money 3 Different Ways on the Internet

money envelopeIt’s too bad so many people think Article Marketing is only for back links and traffic. Article Marketing is a great way to make money on the Internet.

Here are 3 of the top ways I use everyday, and one of them does not even require a web site.

1) Affiliate Marketing – Let’s get this out of the way first. I hate the term bum marketing. So if you are going to use this technique, do it with class and integrity and don’t be a bum about it, ok?

The first thing you want to do is find an affiliate product in your niche that you can feel good about promoting. When you have found one, ask for a review copy or get a copy through your affiliate link. My number one rule in affiliate marketing is I will not promote something I have not read or do not use myself.

Then buy a unique domain name that has your keywords in it. For example, one of the affiliate product I market is “300 Creative Dates” by Michael Webb. So I bought the domain name “GreatDatesDoneCheap.” A whopping $8.17 investment at the time.

Then you forward your new domain name to your affiliate link. The last step is to write great quality articles about the topic of the affiliate product, and then in your Resource Box invite the reader to check out the resource.

2) Thank You Page Upsell – This is so simple, and I get orders everyday this way. In the Resource Box of your article, offer your prospect a sample of a product directly related to the article they just read in exchange for their email address.

Once they opt-in for your give away, your new prospect is taken to a thank you/confirmation page where they are given a link to your give away.

On the same page you can then invite your new prospect to get the entire product at a discount. Make sure you let them know this is a one time never to be repeated price or “one time offer” (OTO).

People who came looking for information and read your article are now becoming a customer.

3) Direct to Sales Page – You can send someone from your Resource Box straight to a sales page and offer. This may be too big a leap for some prospects, to go directly from reading to buying. But when what you are offering fits closely with the article they just read and fits closely with their needs, then it is the perfect match.

Your best best here is to make it a lower priced product, almost an impulse buy. Save your big ticket items for later on in your follow up process.

Here’s an example of Strategy 2 above:

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