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Article Income Tip of the Week: There are still those out there who will tell you that you cannot make money directly with your articles. My response to those folks is two things:

Thing 1: They are wrong!
Thing 2: Let’s just you and I hope these folks continue to be our competition.

Listen to this week’s audio on article income to discover exactly how to create your prospect & profit pulling action articles.

Resource: to see examples of how Action Articles are marketed.

Glossary: An Action Article is one of your articles with 3 – 5 “action questions” added at the end. Action questions are designed to get the reader into action around what they have just read.

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Jeff Herring

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  • Dear Jeff,

    When I clicked on the video, this is what came up:

    “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

    Nuts! I was intrigued by your comment about the 3-5 questions to get the reader to take action.

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    PS The idea of listening to a 4 minute audio is so much more appealing than taking time to listen to a 60 minute audio. That in itself is a great idea.

  • admin

    Reply Reply

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Just click on the link that says “play now” and you can listen to the audio.

    There is on video on this one!

    Catch you soon!


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