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Article Income Secrets – How to Re-Purpose Your 7 Tips Article into a Mini-Guide

Do you know how to repurpose your 7 tips article, or any article, into a mini-guide? Read on to discover and use this important repurposing strategy.
What’s a mini-guide?
What’s a mini guide? A mini guide is another name for a short report. That’s what I was calling them for a while and then one of my students, Lynne Lee, another person from the U.K., gave it the name of mini guide and I like that better. It just sort of flows better.
When you’ve written a 3, 5, or 7 tips article and then go in and write an article about each tip – let’s say you’ve got 7 tips and you write more on each tip, so you’ve got 7 articles, put those all in one document and that’s a mini guide. Or your list of maybe 25 tips or 50 tips can be a mini guide that you can sell anywhere between $10-20 on the internet.
It doesn’t sound like a whole lot and you’re not going to get rich off of those, unless someone buys millions, but it’s a start and I still love it when I get emails from students and members that say,
“Hey, I sold my first e-book! I’ve never been so excited over $17.”
It’s a beginning, it’s a starting point. This is very important because someone has just demonstrated buying behavior and they’re on your list, so it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because it is much easier to sell something to someone who has already bought than to try to convert a brand new prospect into a customer.
This is one of the easiest products to create from a simple 7 tips article.
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    Great stuff! I’m a huge fan of yours & love your writing style. Please, consider contributing some of your old articles (as well as new ones) to my new article directory at

    Thanks & keep up the great work… it’s impressive.

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    Hi Jeff,

    I have been there several times over the years when traveling to the mountains. Very unusual place but it has great food!

    Dave Eissman

  • It’s amazing how a single item can be repurposed into lots of different things. And from that… you can even do an audio of your mini guide! Audio is getting really popular.

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