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Many so-called experts will tell you that articles are only good for getting visitors and back links to your sites and therefore you cannot make money directly with your articles.

Well, please allow me to make 3 quick points:

1. They are wrong.

2. They are your competition.

3. This is a good thing.

So please allow me to invite you to just consider something and let it roll around in your head and heart today – If you knew with absolute certainty that you can make money directly with your articles, what would you do with that certainty?

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  • Marianna Morris

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    Write! Write! Write!

    While asking the most generous, trust building,
    likable, article writing expert on the internet to give us
    a teleseminar (again) to explain his statement further.

  • Absolute certainty in making money from articles is
    great, but only if I know the action steps to take.
    What would I do if certainty was possible? I would ask for a map, so I can drive down the road. Alice

  • It can be done and I am doing it every day! There are so many ways you have taught us to monetize our articles, Jeff, that I can only say “Go use this stuff!”

  • Jeff,

    You are exactly right in this post. The world is full of poor counsel and advice. Some of it is to prevent your own success and ability to earn money.

    From my perspective, it’s key that each individual sift through it and search for the truth. That truth can set them free from whatever is holding them back.

    Keep those great insights coming,


  • Anne Ward

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    I would collect every single idea I came across within my subject area and turn as many into articles as possible. I would put in the time and energy to get better at writing well and writing FAST.

  • As long as I didn’t have to lay out much money (preferably none at all) to get started, I would incorporate it into my upcoming site/marketing process.


  • Richard Ross

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    “Absolute certainty”?

    Other than those ole death and taxes, I’m not sure anything is absolutely certain. However, if done correctly we know you are right, it is possible to make money via article writing on the internet, because people are doing it.

    So what would I do, I think ask for the detailed roadmap of how to do it.

    My question is this, so if articles only bring leads back to your website, what’s wrong with that? More than half the people I know owning small businesses tell me the #1 thing they need is more qualified leads either to their phone, their place of business OR their website. So if article marketing ONLY got you great qualified leads, it would still be a great tool. It would then be up to you to have a story at your website to convert them to buyers.

  • Jeff Herring

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    Lots of great post here…thank you!

    Richard – Nothing at all wrong with the traffic and back links created with articles. Great thing to do. I just get irritated with those that say therefore you cannot make money directly cuz it holds people back.

    Based on what many of you are saying, there will be teleseminars coming soon and the roadmap and blueprint are in the works.


  • Anita Bruton

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    I would research and read and explore and collect all the articles I possibly could find, using those as an inspiration to create bigger and better material.

    I would start by blogging, reformatting the posts into my articles, then chapters, then the ebook, just as you have been teaching and guiding me and so many others to do!

    Thanks so much Jeff for all you offer!

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