Article Income Secrets: Marketing Your Articles as "Action Articles"

Here is my best Article Income and Product Creation article for 2007:

One of the easiest ways to market and make income with your article writing is to create what I call “action articles.” An action article is simply an article with questions added at the end to move the reader to take action on what they have just read.

Most people will read something and think “I really should do that” and then do absolutely nothing at all. It is to your benefit for your readers to take action on your articles. Readers will be more likely to want to read more of what you write when they have success with your suggestions.

3 Steps to Create an Action Article

1. Write an article that motivates the reader to take an action or a series of actions to achieve a desired result.

2. Write a series of action questions at the end of your article. Examples would be:

=> “What one tip from this article can you use right away?”

=> “When will you take action on this tip?”

=> “What will you be able to do that you can’t do now once you have achieved your desired result?”

=> “When will you get started?”

3. List a series of your ‘action articles” on your web site so visitors can purchase as many as they like.

On just one of my web sites, I have a page that lists 3 action articles that I sell for $7 each.

When will you get started using these three simple steps to making money with your articles?

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