[Article] 3 Rapid Article Writing Strategies (More Content = More Traffic & Profit)

Article Writing does not have to be such a challenging process that takes a long time. In fact, if it does seem challenging to you and/or takes a long time, you are doing to wrong.

3 Ways to Do It Right

Here are 3 ways to speed up your article production and make it easier for you:

Rapid Article Writing Strategy #1 – Begin next article as soon as you submit the last one – What most people do is finish an article, submit it, perhaps celebrate, and then go do something else.

Don’t do what most people do.

What I recommend is to click here to read the rest of the article…

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  • Susanne Myers

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff, I like your strategy of posting a little teaser of the article on your blog and then driving readers to Ezinearticles.com to read the whole article.

    I’m a little surprised to see you use the exact same title. Is the goal to rank in two places of page one of Google for your keyword or are you not considering SEO?

  • Bryan

    Reply Reply

    Great tips I should say! Never thought it works like that but I think you’re right. I agree to what you’re saying especially the 1st strategy, I always thought that resting after would be the best. Thanks for the tips!

  • Mike - TodayTraffic

    Reply Reply

    I have learnt something new from the way you drive more targeted traffic to your articles that is published on ezinearticles .com. It’s professional and thanks for sharing Jeff.

    I will definitely introduce that to my blog too.

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