[ARTICLE] – 3 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Articles on Your Blog For More Traffic

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3 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Articles on Your Blog For More Traffic

Blogging and article marketing go hand in hand. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “can you use your articles on your blog?”

The answer is not only a huge YES! In fact, if you are not using your articles on your blog you are leaving tons of traffic on the table.

3 ways to repurpose your content on your blog

1) Entire article/parts of your article – You can repurpose your entire content into a blog post. It’s a great way to create lots of blog posts when you have lots of articles. While you can do this, it’s generally not a strategy I recommend.


Because     (click here for the rest of the article and to find out what to do instead…)

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  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Carolyn ~

    Thanks for your great question, and I understand your wondering. I used to think the same thing. And there are many “reasons on Earth” to do this 🙂

    1) Your wondering is on target, as one reason is to get your article in the most viewed at Ezine Articles in a particular category

    2) The reason for this is much more that “supplemental traffic” though that is nice to get. When you are in the top ten in a category in Ezine Articles, then every time someone else in that category publishes an article, a link to your article is included, thus they are marketing for you

    3) When someone goes from blog to article to opt-in, they have now experienced you in 3 places and are much more likely to so business with you…

    And there are many more reasons, but that is enough for now…

    Thanks for reaching out and asking…

    ~ Jeff

  • Carolyn

    Reply Reply

    Wy on Earth would you send a visitor at your site to an article directory? Is your goal to get on the “Most viewed” list at the directory in an attempt to gain supplemental targeted traffic?

    I can’t figure this one out.

  • Thanks for a very interesting article and idea. Carolyn asked my question and I was intrigued by the answer. Thanks to you and NAMS, I’m doing better at article writing with Ezine Articles. I’ll definitely have to give this a try as well. I really appreciate all your help and advice. 🙂

  • Evelyn Vincent

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Carolyn for asking your question and Jeff for replying. I had no idea!

    Jeff, can you tell me/us… how many years, or articles, does it require to get into the top 10? Like to know ahead of time what to expect when I approach something. Thanks!

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