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andy andrews, the traveler's gift, the final summitWe’ve all  read books that have changed our life for the better, right?

Tonight I want to introduce you to the author of “The Traveler’s Gift – Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success” a book that changed my life.

Andy Andrews has been called a “Life Whisperer” and it’s true. His newest book is “The Final Summit” and is the perfect sequel to “The Traveler’s Gift

I want you to have these principles of life change and success. In tonight’s 30 minute interview, we’ll be talking about life changing success topics such as:

  • The importance of taking hyper-responsibility for our lives
  • What to do when you are feeling desperate
  • Why persistence is so important in creating success
  • How to “choose to be happy” no matter how insurmountable the circumstances seem
  • How to surround yourself with positive, visionary people
  • How to deal with critics who try to sabotage your success
  • The most challenging aspect of creating success in your life
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • How to search for and apply wisdom in a  “wisdom free” culture
  • How to starve despair and escape it’s claim on our lives
  • The one principle that will save your life and create massive success
  • How to set your life on a meaningful path

Now listen, I get it – that’s a whole lot to cover in 30 minutes – and I also want you to get it that’s what Andy’s writing and speaking does…

So join us tonight at 8 pm Eastern – get there early – we are going to jump right in!

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I’ll sign off  with a quote from Andy:

“So I am saying this. We are through with the “adversity” part of this experience. Right now – tonight – I call an end to it. It is time to run again. ” ~ Andy Andrews

See you tonight!

~ Jeff

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