And In What Limitations are You Believing?

This video was sent to me by a friend yesterday. We all watched it here and it really stopped me in my tracks. While it is an older story, the lesson is timeless.

What self-limitations are you believing in? Ever wonder what you could do if you just “played past them?”

These questions might be easier to answer after you watch the video…

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  • WOW! Great story. You gotta believe.

  • Jeff,
    I love this video because it shows one young man's determination and how it inspired a whole community. When he believed in himself, everyone else did, too. I think we are all capable of much more than we typically allow ourselves to believe.

  • Jeff,

    I also wanted to let you know that I participated in the first HAHD challenge and learned so much about article marketing from your weekly calls. Even though I didn't make the 100 article mark in time, I did get started and am working my way up to the top of my niche category. I even got a mug in the mail last week from thanking me for my submissions. So, I want to thank you for inspiring me to start a whole new way of educating potential clients through article marketing!

    • Hi Lisa!

      You are so right – we are all capable of so much more! Really enjoyed showing this video to my sons…

      Congrats on the EzineArticles mug and for going and using your new tools!


  • Absolutely brilliant video. It reminded me what amazing creatures we are and how readily we limit ourselves, yet how powerfully successful we can be if we allow ourselves to be.

  • I loved this video so much when it first came out!

    When he was allowed to have fun he didn't worry about the "expectations" or "limitations" other people placed on him… great lesson to have fun, go for it and puh-toey to what other people think you can or cannot do…

  • Jeff – you know I'm a sucker for these kind of stories. This was beautiful and I hit me personally – born and raised in Indiana where basketball is a religion – and lived in Rochester, New York for 6 years. I know exactly where Greece Athena high school is.

    Awesome story. Other people try to put limitations on us and we can ignore them.


  • Jeff – you know I'm a sucker for these kind of stories. This was beautiful and I hit me personally – born and raised in Indiana where basketball is a religion – and lived in Rochester, New York for 6 years. I know exactly where Greece Athena high school is.

  • I have a friend who has an autistic child and this is sooo encouraging to see . Enthusiasm is so contagious, all of us need to practice it. We really can make a differenct.

  • Virginia

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    How wonderful it is to see someone pass their 'limitations' and be rewarded with success. Couldn't help but notice Jason is part of a team and how they show support for one another.

  • Kim Wilborn

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    Thank-you, Jeff. This made my day.

  • Dr. Toni

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    Jeff – yes, this is a must see video. I was with a few friends today who were feeling sorry for themselves because life isn't going as they planned. It's amazing what we can do with a different perspective. Thanks for the perspective you continue to share.
    Dr. Toni

  • What an experience for everyone at the game!

  • ledley

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    Great story..that crowd went ballistic when he scored. What a great atmosphere, never seen a crowd so in tune with what was going on…they even reacted when he was given the nod to get on the court. Maybe their enthusiasm and understanding helped him in some way too.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing this video.

    It has really motivated me to start doing more positive thing and have personal belief on ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Perseverance, dedication and displaying a sheer joy of playing, he also has courage. He took that opportunity that was probably offered to him on a whim. It is often the quietest of people who suddenly shine and make our lives happier. Inspiring too.

  • Denise

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    Wow. Great video Jeff and a thought that when we wake up if we watched something like this every morning how our mindset might shift.
    Thanks for the reminder

    Best Wishes

    Denise in the UK

  • What a great video. There should be more of these kinds of things on the news so all people (and kids) would have a better understanding of possibilities. We all have them–it's just in the "seeing." Thanks for the reminder video and I love to watch "Steve Hartman" stories.

  • This is heartwarming… It reaffirms my belief that sports is a great way to teach team spirit and to encourage people of all ages to push through fears. Good job Jeff!

  • Faylee

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    I have seen this video many times and it never fail to excite me. Life should always be this joyful and briming with excitment. If we had this young mans outlook, I believe it could be. Good Job Mr McElway!!!

  • Thanks Jeff. I had heard pieces of the story and seen the click with the three point shots, but did not know the back story that this was his first time suiting up and playing.

    This really helps put all our hard work into perspective:
    – Give unconditionally with passion and heart
    – Prepare for the day when it's your turn to suit up


  • What a great video. It really shows how great people can be to each other when silly things like political views get out of the way. This is the kind of video I will show my kids tonight!

  • Virginia – you are right on, no one is successful alone!

    Kim – I'm so glad to make your day – watched this video with my family and that made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Brent – Yep, these things will sure strengthen your belief!

  • colin

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    Great story..what happened after ? Did he play for the team again ? Become a regular ? or is this quite new..certainly very inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  • Terro

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    Thats a very inspiering video and this is a very good site also.


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