Discover how to create a prospect-pulling article, repurpose it into multiple marketing messages and multiple information products in the least amount of time.

No matter what business or niche you’re in, to be wildly successful on the Internet you need 7 things:

  • mindset
  • content
  • traffic
  • list building
  • marketing messages
  • products
  • repurposing

Content Marketing provides the answer to all 7 needs, faster, easier and with less overall human effort.

Jeff Herring AKA The Content Marketing Guy is an internet marketer specializing in article marketing, teaching internet marketers, authors, speakers and self employed professionals to write and market articles for more prospects, publicity and profits, and to create multiple streams of income with their content.

Jeff began as a marriage and family therapist, with a thriving practice for over 25 years… He began writing a weekly syndicated column and found that he became the “Therapist in the Paper” and grew his private therapy practice into a thriving business, with people and groups on his waiting list and filling the practices of his colleagues with the overflow. After life happened and Jeff found himself divorced, his children were moved away from Florida to Georgia so Jeff moved to Georgia as soon as possible and in addition to some long-distance therapy clients, he began teaching other people how to quickly and easily create content to promote their businesses. When the internet took off, he found the same type of articles from his syndicated column worked wonders for bringing targeted traffic to his (and his client’s) websites. And the Content Marketing Guy was born…

Jeff’s students and clients discover how to write more articles in less time, get their information in front of more eyes in as many consumable forms as possible, create a massive web presence, build a highly qualified and highly responsive list, and create multiple information products to build their information empire with their content.

When Jeff turned his content marketing expertise on the internet, he created a flood of traffic to his web sites that he could not stop if he wanted to, and he doesn’t want to. He is perhaps the most prolific Content Marketing expert in the world, practicing what he preaches with well over 1.5 Million article views online. See some of Jeff Herring’s articles here.

His strategies have helped students get invaluable PR, get more leads and prospects and make more sales.

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