A Turning Point…

When I was 7  I decided to write a story about a giant spider


I got about 2 sentences in and went back to building my models
(perhaps it was the glue…)

The next time I tried to write anything was 18 years later  when it was time to write my dissertation for my PhD in Family Therapy

While I got further than I did on the story about the giant spider, this one did not get finished either, in part due to professors who told me  I couldn’t write.

It really wasn’t their fault, as I’m the one who believed them…

Then I started writing a relationship column for the local newspaper, designed to promote my private practice.

And I discovered something amazing:

I could write conversationally about things I cared about…

Lots of good things came after I got that…

So my question is this:

What do you care about?

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