A Marketing Confession – A Marketing Mistake

This week Denise Wakeman and I are conducting a 2 Module Mini-TeleCourse on “Branding & Article Marketing – focusing on strategies to increase your online visibility and recognition with Article Marketing, etc.

Well, as we got closer to the launch of the telecourse yesterday, we both realized that “Branding” is certainly not the sexiest sounding topic in the world, and may not be communicating what we what it to communicate to our listeners.

Then we did the first of the 2 Modules yesterday and Denise’s content and delivery was so good I took pages of notes about online visibility……and then it hit us right on the call! DOH!

This is not about branding, it’s about ONLINE VISIBILITY!! It’s about how you get found on the internet, no matter how crowded your niche may be!

So I am writing this blog post for at least 3 reasons:

  1. To confess our marketing mistake,
  2. To model how you handle and learn from mistakes,
  3. And to invite you to get access to Denise’s very powerful information on increasing your Online Visibility!

You see, when you come on board and register for Online Visibility & Article Marketing Secrets, you will get immediate access to the 90 minute Audio Replay from Denise’s presentation yesterday and you will get Dial-In Details to my presentation on Thursday 2/26 on “Super-Charging Your Online Visibility with Article Marketing.”

And you will get access to all the Audio Replays and Transcripts as well, after both calls!

Click here to discover how to “Increase Your Online Visibility!”

And thank you for traveling with us as we all learn as we go…

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