A Dream Not Possible 2 Years Ago…

Just a short 2 years ago, I could not have afforded to experience the dream that was fulfilled today. You see, I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. Then ever since my two sons showed up on the planet I wanted to do it with them.

Today we got to do it.

It rained during our time with the dolphins. The show goes on when it is raining, but it is “everybody out of the pool” when it thunders. So I was watching the sky kinda closely. Just as our instructor finished his last sentence, we heard the thunder.

Thanks for reading, and tomorrow I’ll include more pics and I’ll explain a very good upsell strategy that Discovery Cove uses after you swim with the dolphins. It sure worked on me.

~ Jeff
and Jonathon, Caleb, and Carlie the Dolphin

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