A Dream Not Possible 2 Years Ago…

Just a short 2 years ago, I could not have afforded to experience the dream that was fulfilled today. You see, I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. Then ever since my two sons showed up on the planet I wanted to do it with them.

Today we got to do it.

It rained during our time with the dolphins. The show goes on when it is raining, but it is “everybody out of the pool” when it thunders. So I was watching the sky kinda closely. Just as our instructor finished his last sentence, we heard the thunder.

Thanks for reading, and tomorrow I’ll include more pics and I’ll explain a very good upsell strategy that Discovery Cove uses after you swim with the dolphins. It sure worked on me.

~ Jeff
and Jonathon, Caleb, and Carlie the Dolphin

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  • Tom Curran

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    Hey Jeff,

    It looks like you had a great time with your sons. I think that is great. What a wonderful experience for them?

    We are all interested in providing a better life for ourselves and our family… especially our children.

    Jeff, thanks for sharing your day.

  • Joan Adams

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    We swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, FL, and we are still talking about it! What a powerful experience! The first time we did this, there was no formal photographer and we struggled with getting photos of each other. But five years later, there was a photographer, and we bought everything available! A very natural upsell! Someone noticed that customers were having problems getting good pictures and solved the problem! simple and productive problem solving!

  • Terry

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    Hey Jeff,
    How does a guy like you end up with great looking kids?

    Whom do they take after?…..only joking! (poor Aussie humour)…..top pics and looks like a memorable time had by all.

    Good onya, mate. I’m pleased to see that you are relaxing with your boys.

  • Dear Jeff,

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed this enriching experience with your boys.

    Mere words cannot describe the wonder of these magnificent creatures whirring and clicking around you.

    When I snorkeled with dolphins in Belize, I was recovering from the loss of a loved one. And all the dolphins seemed to know it.

    They encircled me in support and each sidled up to me eyeball to eyeball as if to say, “I understand, and I’m sorry you’re hurting.”

    I could feel their white light emanating into my aching heart. It was simply magical.

    I choke back a tear even remembering it now, 7 years later.

    Thank you for reminding me of this cherished memory.

    And congratulations for creating your own cherished memory with your handsome boys.

    That’s what we parents need to do more of.

    Sincerely yours in parenting success,
    Debra Sale Wendler
    “Respect Effect Mom”

  • Toni Shrader

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    Yes, it’s always great to be able to spend time with your kids…they grow up so fast (of course I don’t keep getting older in the process) and we don’t realize how precious our time with them is till after the fact.

    In regards to your upsell post…yes we should all be prepared to do more of just this type of marketing. We have already stirred interest as they have either signed up for a free newsletter or (better) bought something from us, so we know they are interested.

    Thanks again for a great read and get out there and make those memories and get all the pictures you can, as you won’t realize how precious they will become over the years.

  • Hi Jeff,

    To swim with the dolphins has never been on my “must do” list until I saw your joyful pictures. Now a dolphin swim with my grandkids is on my “will do” list. Another fabulous adventure is to go on a hot air balloon ride. You are so right about the value of upselling at these special times. Reliving the shared memories becomes priceless. Enjoy!

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am really enjoying your material and your tips! I am going to see Kevin and have him work his magic with me and I am inspired.

    I also have always wanted to swim with the dolphins and I appreciate you feeding my dream with your experience!

    Thanks for so generously sharing your know how! I love your approach and you present things clearly and with the kind of humor that engages easily!


    P.S. I hope to be in one of your classes soon!

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