Profitable Content Creation – 7 Randomly Strategic Thoughts on Content Creation (Go Use This Stuff)

strategy dictionary_thumbContent Marketing, when done correctly, makes everything online so much easier. This includes being able to create your content on a consistent basis.

So here are a few strategically random thoughts on profitable content creation:
• On a coaching call this morning I was asked, “How do I gain confidence in creating my content?” Simple answer: “Create your content.” No magic pill here… just the commitment to consistently create your content… and for the sake of those who do need something more complex, here’s a formula for you:


Where “c3 = consistent content creation” and “C = Confidence”

Does that help?

• Some people get hung up about creating their content because the thought of writing time travels them all the back to high school, their English teacher, and a red pen to mark up their papers.

So here’s the thing – there are no red pens here. Your English teacher is not here. And if you are as old as I am, he or she is probably dead. So don’t worry about it.

• You want to listen to radio station WLYT. “Wait a minute Jeff, what does a radio station have to do with creating content?”

Well, when it comes to content creation, EVERYTHING!

Because, for our purposes, radio station WLYT stands for Write Like You Talk.

That’s it. Write like you talk. Write conversationally, as if you are having a conversation with a friend.

• Listen, if you can make a 3 item grocery list, you can create content that will bring you more prospects and profits.

• Prospects are attracted to your voice. And by “your voice” I don’t mean the sound of your voice. What I do mean by “your voice” is the way that you approach problems and the way that you solve problems.

• Stay away from PLR. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, where you can buy someone else’s content and then call it your own. When you do this, you lose “your voice” and will attract less prospects.

And think about it a moment: In school, if you grabbed someone else’s “content” and then called it your own, what did we call that? That’s right: cheating.

• Here’s the really cool thing about consistent content creation: when you master this skill, your confidence level soars. You know that you can sit down whenever you want or need to bring in more prospects and profits with your profitable content creation.

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