7 Reasons I Want You to Come to NAMS 4 in Atlanta


  1. NAMS 4 (short for Niche Affiliate Marketing System) is fast becoming the premiere Internet Marketing seminar. Why? Because attendees implement what they are learning and make money while at the conference! As Linda Barnby put it…

    “I saw attendees, just like me, “Just doing it!” => Making testimonial videos, creating joint ventures, tweeting to their followers about the conference, making their first online sales ever . . . it was an incredibly eye-opening adventure.”

  2. Unlike almost all Internet Marketing Conferences, there is no “pitching” from stage. You do not need to hide your wallet or purse in your hotel room. As instructors, we are there to teach and to help you. That’s why it is called a WORKSHOP!
  3. Instructors stay around the entire 3 plus days. We are there to help. Have a question, ask us. Want to learn how to do something on your lap top, turn it on. Want to sit and talk over a meal, ask us.
  4. I want to meet you! If you have been listening and learning from me, let’s meet and hang out.
  5. The workshop is divided into 3 powerful tracks – beginner – intermediate – advanced. There is something for everyone. In NAMS 4, the beginner track will be divided into those without a website and those who already have a website.
  6. On Saturday we create a product before the live audience in the morning and it is available for YOU to sell by mid afternoon at 100% affiliate commission. This is how many beginners make their first sale ever! Check out the Strategies for Social Marketing resource we just created at NAMS 3.
  7. When you come to NAMS you join an incredibly supportive community. I invite you to go to www.TweetChat.com and type in #NAMS or just type it in to the search bar on your Twitter page and you will see what I mean – people supporting each other between the 2 conferences each year.
  8. I told you I would give you 7 reasons, but in traditional NAMS style of over-delivering, here is #8:

    YOU can get in now for the NAMS 4 conference in August in Atlanta for a fraction of the cost. The regular price of NAMS is $697 for each of the 180 available seats. 51 seats were already gone 3 days after NAMS 3.

    From now until the end of February you can reserve your seat for only $297 at http://NAMSNow.com – and yes I get an affiliate commission from this, which I use to take everyone that comes thru me to lunch or dinner while at NAMS.

    Check out the website now at http://NAMSNow.com to see the line up of instructors for NAMS 4 (more being added), learn more about this incredible conference, and come on board!

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