5 Simple Steps to Six Figure Success

My buddy Al Einstein once said:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, and not simpler.”

I happen to agree with Al…

And to that end, here are 5 simple steps to six figure success in any niche:


Whether it’s text, audio, video, info-graphics, podcasts, webinars or some other media not yet created, the internet is made up and runs on content.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, the internet with out content…

You get the point!

The skill of packaging your expertise in various forms of content is something you must master.

Here’s why:

When you can demonstrate to you prospects, on a regular basis with your content, how you uniquely approach their problems and how you uniquely solve their problems, the entire marketing dynamic is turned upside down!

No longer do you have to pursue customers because they are now pursuing you.

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One of the many benefits of creating content is now you have lots to say on social media.

Plus using your content you can drive lots of traffic from social media to your own email list.

Social media makes getting found online so much easier. When I first began to play around online all we had was websites and email.

Take advantage of leveraging your content on social media for massive online visibility.


When you create great content on a regular basis you no longer have to chase after traffic.

Simply find out where the traffic is going and then get in front of the traffic with your content.

Then redirect that traffic to your profit pages: opt in pages, registration pages, and sales pages.

Another advantage of traffic generation with content is many pieces of content become evergreen and drive traffic for months and years.


Building your list with your content has many great advantages, the biggest of which is the quality of list member you get.

Think about it: when a prospect takes the time to read your article or watch your video, they have raised their virtual hand to show their interest in what you’re offering.

So you provide a way to get more info from you at the end of your content.


Unfortunately product creation has been made to seem very difficult.

The reality is this – it’s not difficult when you regularly create content.

The content you create for your marketing can be compiled and expanded into your information products.

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