5 Best Places to Publish Your Articles

So you’ve created your article, perhaps even using the Custom Content Wizard.

Good for you!

So now your big challenge is where do you publish your articles, where do you put them for the most profit?

Here’s the solution to your challenge. It called “The 5 Most Profitable Places to Publish Your Articles”

1) Your Blog

You always, always, always want to start here. In this way Google and everyone else knows your article began with you.

When you create a 3 tips, 3 mistakes, 3 something article, you’ve got the material for a blog series. Simply create one blog post for each tip.

AND when you’re blog is set up right, you’re prospect will see your opt-in offers and products and resources right next to your article.

Click the graphic below to watch a brief video all about how to publish your article on your blog:

2) LinkedIn Pulse

What’s that you say? LinkIn is only for job seekers, why would I put my article there?

Where have you been?!?

LinkedIn has created their own blog called Pulse, and your articles get viewed by others on LI who are interested in your niche!

Other advantages to publishing on LinkedIn:

  • Unlike the old article directories you’re articles don’t have to sit in review, they go live as soon as you publish them.
  • There is now word count minimum.
  • You can include Calls to Action throughout the article.
  • You can include graphics and video in your articles.
  • And LI displays all your articles on your Author’s Page – here’s mine:


Click the graphic below for a brief video about how to publish your articles on LinkedIn:

3) Medium.com

Medium has combined the best of blogging with the best of social media and created a site where you definitely want to promote your content.

As of this writing it’s ranked in the Top 400 most trafficked sites online and is rising fast.

You can include graphics and videos along with several calls to action if you choose.

And here’s a cool tip from repurposing heaven: You can take the link to any of your WordPress blog posts, import it into Medium, and boom, your article is imported and ready to go!

Click the graphic below for a brief video about how to publish your articles on Medium:

4) Facebook Live

As big as Facebook is, it amazes me that more marketers don’t know about Notes.

Esssentially Notes is your own article blog on Facebook. Find notes buy click the “More” button on Facebook.

You can create a headline graphic at the top, graphics throughout, as well as multiple link outs including calls to action.

The cool thing here is when you publish a new note it creates an update in your Facebook profile.

Click the graphic below for a brief video about how to publish your articles on Facebook Notes:

5) Twitter

While at this point you can’t post your entire article on Twitter, you can tweet the title, a benefit from reading the article, and a great graphic from your article to attract your prospect.

For example:

So go ahead and click the graphic to the left to watch a brief video on how to use the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your articles.

BONUS TIP: Imagine the traffic you’ll get when you publish and promote your article with all 5 of these resources.

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