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4 Kind of Courses You Can Create from Just One Article

My students and I have done all four over and over and this flat out works!

Creating courses is one of the many things online that have been made to look difficult so the “goo-roos” can make more money.

Creating your courses from your articles makes this so much easier.

So here are 4 courses you can create from your articles, including suggested links and prices:

4 Courses from Your Articles

MasterClass: And I don’t mean a “fluff and pitch” free webinar with the name masterclass stuck on it.

A Real MasterClass is a 2 hour live deep dive training into one specific skill. Your customer leaves with at least one skill they can use right away.

Price: $27 to $47

Mini-Course: Creating articles in 3 chunks (tips, mistakes, secrets) is great for creating Mini-Courses. 3 short modules. One for each “chunk.” I could make it harder, but why?

Price: $47 to $97

Course: This is where you start adding to the video training with transcripts, articles, case studies, checklists, etc. Three to 5 modules.

Price: $97 to $197

Signature Course: This is a course that covers the 5-7 in what you do. You could call this a “transformational process”.

For me it would be:

  • MindSet
  • Content Creation
  • Content Repurposing
  • Getting Found
  • Traffic Generation
  • List Building
  • Product Creation

One module for each step. This is a “signature” or flagship course because it’s what you become known for online.

Price: $197 to $497

I could make it harder, but why?

Now these suggested prices are not set in stone. They are suggestions. Starting points. And it’s one of the most of often asked questions I get when I teach course creation. So I thought I’d just get it out of the way 😉

Want to master creating these 4 kinds of courses from your articles?


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