4 Deadly Article Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid to Maximize Your Article Marketing Success

Here are four article marketing mistakes you want to avoid and what you want to do instead.

Mistake One – GoodNight It’s Time to Sleep Titles If you read your own title and don’t think “wow, I want to read that!” you probably have a boring title. If you show your title to a few people and they don’t say “wow, I want to read that” you probably have a boring title.

Your title is like the headline in a newspaper or magazine – it has to grab the readers attention and make them want to read it now!

A boring version of the title of this article could be “Mistakes to Avoid in Article Marketing.” Accurate, yes. Compelling, no.

Here are the features that grabbed your eye and has you reading this article:

1. The number of mistakes, 4

2. Adding the word “deadly”

3. Giving you the benefit promised in the article – “to maximize your article marketing success.”

Mistake Two – A Boring Description The article description is like a sub-headline, or the promise of your article. A boring and typical one for this article could have been “This article is about mistakes most people make.” This would not grab the reader and pull them further into the article.

Instead I ask a question and promise the answer – “Are you making any of these four Article Marketing Mistakes? Read on to find out what to do instead.” Asks a question and promises an answer that makes you want to read more.

Mistake Three – Great Big Globes of Text – Most writers stick one great big glob of text into the article body. This gives the psychological impression that the article will be difficult to read.

Notice how the text is laid out in the body of this article. The text is divided into points with sub-headings. This gives the clear psychological impression that this article will be easy to read and your eyes flow through the article.

Mistake Four – An All-About-the-Author Resource Box – Most article writers craft a resource box that is all about them and leaves the reader thinking “so what” and the reader just leaves. The resource box is not about me the author, it is about you the reader.

In the resource box below, notice that it flows right from the article body, invites you to get more good information from me, and then and only then do I mention my name, and then it is only one quick line.

Let me show you what I mean:

And now I would like to invite you to claim your free instant access to 2 of my Instant Article Writing Templates when you go to http://www.TheArticleGuyBonus.com

From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy and the Great Article Marketing Network

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  • Denis Sabardine

    Reply Reply

    Dear jeff,

    Your tip about the resource box is “gold”! Thank you, Denis

  • Marlene

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff,
    Really cool stuff. Thanks so much for the useful info…can’t tell you how much it helps.

    My best,


  • Terry

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Jeff..this is so timely since I submitted my first today(Oz time) to Ezine…more to do tomorrow + post on my blog.

    I feel that I have followed what you have been showing us.

    Have a top day.
    The Raising Smart Rich Kids Mentor

  • Tracey Tarrant, Virtual Assistant

    Reply Reply

    Great post Jeff. So many get this wrong, including myself. It’s great to be reminded of how to do it right!


    Tracey Tarrant
    Virtual Assistant
    Your Virtual Round To-it

  • CJ

    Reply Reply

    A few weeks ago, I wrote something similar, but not nearly as insightful, I’m embarrassed to say. And I completely missed the point about the resource box not being about the author (altho I did emphasize linking back to one’s site). So, my mind is already circling around the re-write of my post.

    Thanks for pointing these things out! Apparently I needed a mind-jog! 🙂


  • Off the tweak my resource box. Thanks for the head’s up.

  • so, having realized that i have 175 articles, most of them with less than stellar titles… do i go back and bit by bit take them off the list and retitle, fluff up the description and a new grabby first line? i think i might have my resource box nailed… cheery to have one thing more or less right! as they say here… the faster i go, the behinder i get!

  • Jeff,

    Thanks for teaching so much in such a short time.

    These points are so simple, but can make the difference between making a living online and keeping your day job.

    Thanks again,

  • Liefya

    Reply Reply

    For me: number one and two will need my attention.
    Thank You

  • Thanks Jeff! Your email titles and article titles are the most inviting around and provide a great model.

    This morning I got emails from a number of people’s lists in the internet marketing world – James Malinchak, Derek Gehl, Alex Mondossian, etc. but I only opened yours because I wanted to know what 4 deadly mistakes I might be making with my articles.

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