3 Ways to Rock Live Video Casting

Live streaming…

Live video…

The phrases above refer to the ability to stream live video, and they seem…  adequate to me.

But then again, as a podcaster, I do think we could come up with a better term.

How about “live video casting?”

I like it!

Early research is telling us that your prospects are watching live video casts 3 times longer than recording video. The longer someone watches, the more likely they are going to join your community and buy from you.

3 Ways to Rock It

We’re talking about being able to “go live” at any time and reach an ever growing audience. At the time of this writing there are 3 big players in the world of live video casting:

  • Periscope
  • Blab
  • Facebook Live

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 live video cast options:

1) Periscope – 3 clicks from app to LIVE!

You are always just 3 clicks away from going live on Periscope. The app is a free download to your smartphone and tablet.

While you can view someone’s “scope” on your desktop, you can only launch from your smartphone and tablet.

2 taps to the screen and you can switch back and forth between having the camera on you or on what’s in front of you.

Your video shows up in your Twitter stream so your followers can see it.

Periscope is a great way to do a regular show and build and audience.

2) Blab – 4 clicks from app to LIVE

I call Blab the “Hollywood Squares” of Live Video Casting. because you can have up to 4 people on screen at one time, each in their own video square.

A unique feature of Blab is you can go live both on your desktop and your smartphone or tablet.

Blab has built an early reputation for being great for interviews, as you can be in one video square with your interviewee in another video square.

Blab has recently added the ability to drop slides into one of the squares which allows you to do webinars and more while on Blab.

3) Facebook LIVE – 4 clicks from app to LIVE

I love Facebook Live. You can go live on your profile or pages, and when you are done, your video remains on your Facebook.

Viewers can make comments and you can respond, just like regular Facebook.

After you’ve completed your video you can download it, embed it on your blog, and put the video on your other Facebook properties

And One More Thing

At the time of this writing, YouTube Connect is in development by Google, to compete with the big players already in the game. Check back here or at the ResultsNowShow.com for updates.

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