3 Ways to Profit with Holiday Sales Part 3

No One buys during the holidays, everyone is too focused on family and food, right?

Wrong! Oh so wrong!

Here’s the reality – we are conditioned by the culture to want to spend money, to want to get good deals during the holidays.

So for online entrepreneurs this can be one of the best times of the year.

Here is number three of three ways you can profit during the holidays:

 Profit Strategy 3 – New Start Strategies – The New Year is a great time of a “new start” sale. You could even begin a 30 day challenge for your community and they need to invest in your product, resource or tool to be a part of the challenge.

 BONUS Strategy – One of the biggest myths about the holidays is “no one buys during the week between Christmas and New Years.” So not true. This is a great time to set up an end of the year sale so that you are making money while everyone else is spending money.

Now here are 2 examples of easy holiday sales:

Example 1: Gratitude Series 2015 – 4 Webinars teaching one specific skill each leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

Check it out here: GratitudeSeries2015.com

Example 2: 50 Gifts of More Lasting Value
 – A Kindle book that does very well this time of year.

Check it out here: 50 Gifts of More Lasting Value – How to Give the Best Unwrapped Gifts Ever

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