3 Ways to Cash In with Live Video

Live Online Video opens up an entirely new world for connecting with your prospects and making more sales.

We’ve had one to many recorded video now for several years (YouTube). Now we have the ability to do LIVE one to many video.

After watching this new strategy for a few weeks, one day it hit me:

“So I can turn on my smart phone or tablet, talk about something I know and love, and grow my list and create more sales. I’m in!”

The early research shows that your prospect will watch a live video 3 times longer than a recorded video.

So if you’re ready to say “I’m in” too, here are the top 3 ways to get started and cash in on live video:

1)CA$H In with Periscope

Funny name, huh?

This one is done with Twitter. When you go live your Twitter followers will see it in their updates. If they have followed you on Periscope, they’ll also get an alert that you’ve gone live.

You’ll need a Twitter account and the Periscope App.

You can launch it from your smart phone or tablet, and watch other people’s “scopes” on your desktop.

Tap the screen twice and the camera switches back and forth.

Great for doing your own show, or interviewing someone if you’re in the same room.

Click the graphic below to watch the video that shows you the “5 clicks” to “go live” on Periscope:

2)CA$H In with Blab

Funnier name, huh?

Blab stands alone and is not directly connected to Twitter or Facebook.

You cans schedule and announce broadcasts, from both your devices and your computer.

The video interface allows for 4 different people to be live, kind of like the old TV game show Hollywood Squares/

Blab is perfect for doing interviews, and having guests come on to join in the conversation.

With a tap you can switch the camera back and forth.

Click the graphic below to watch the video that shows you the “5 clicks” to “go live” on Blab:

3) CA$H In with Facebook Live

Not a funny name, just what it is…

Clearly, this one happens on Facebook.  (Thank you Captain Obvious)

Works on your iPhone and iPad and Android has just been added.

When you go live your subscribers get a ding on their phones.

And then you show up live right on your Facebook profile. Viewers can ask questions live and you can respond.

Your followers can watch the replay and ask questions as well, and you can respond to keep the conversation going.

And this is the only one of the 3 where you can practice without going live

Click the graphic below to watch the video that shows you the “5 clicks” to “go live” on Facebook Live:

And now you can get your free instant access to a brief video about how to “go live”and join the Live Video Revolution when you visit http://GoLiveSecrets.com

You’ll also discover the powerful difference between live video and recorded video AND how to eliminate the fear of messing up when you’re live.

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