3 Step Beginner’s Guide for Content Marketing

Do you want to know the 3 simple steps every beginner needs to create more traffic, visibility, leads and sales with Content Marketing?

If you’re a beginning content marketer who wants to create good, original content for blogs, Social Media and YouTube every day in less than 20 minutes  then you need to read this immediately to get started correctly with your Content Marketing efforts.

Your 3 Step Beginner’s Guide

Step #1: Create content every day

I’ll probably lose most of you here. But that’s OK, because it will weed out the folks you aren’t really serious.

The reality is that it’s relatively easy to create content every day once you decide to do so. Everything from a simple social media update to a You Tube video or Kindle book, here are a few advantages to creating content every day:

  • Dominate your niche
  • Get found all over your niche
  • Quickly increase your credibility and expert status
  • Bring in more prospects and profits

The easiest way to do this is to leverage content creation templates. Discover more about how to get started here.

Step #2: Create compelling content titles

Your content title, no matter if it’s for a blog post, article, social media update or video, serves the same function as a headline in a newspaper or magazine:

Capture your attention!

Online your title needs to be strong enough to “stop the scroll.” Prospects scroll through the internet looking for solutions to their problems. The job of your title
is to stop the scroll.

Make sure you offer a clear and compelling benefit in your title.

Discover how to never run out of great title ideas in this brief video.

Step #3: Create a profitable Call to Action

One of the greatest benefits of consistent content marketing is with any piece of content you can lead your prospects into their next success steps, such as joining your list community, signing up for a webinar, and buying your products and resources.

You need to keep in mind your prospects want to take their next success steps. It’s your job to help them do it.

Use invitational language to invite them to take their next success steps.

For example:

Now that you’ve got the beginner steps for Content Marketing success down, you’re invited to take your next success step by watching this mercifully brief video about how to create great content titles and calls to action.

Watch it here

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