3 Reasons I’m “All In” with Live Video

Here’s a mercifully brief (7:23) video with the top 3 reasons I’m “all in” with doing Live Video.

You’ll find the unedited transcript of the 3 reasons right below the video…

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All right. Let’s dive in to Jeff’s College of Live Video Knowledge. All about three reasons I’m going all in with live video. Three reasons I’m going all in with live video.

Reason 1 – It’s the future, folks. Think about it. We started off with just websites and email. Then, we had blogs. Then, we had one to mini recorded video, right? Now, we’ve got one to mini live video. What you’re watching right now, either on Periscope or Facebook Live, right? It is the future and you want to get involved in this. We’re still at the very beginning. It’s so much the Wild West. It’s so much like the internet when it first started, like blogging when it first started, like Twitter and all that when it first started. It’s the future. I’m totally convinced of that.
Reason 2 – Thank you for that Melody. That’s the reason I love about you, your humor. Some people like it. Some people not so much, but I like it. It’s fun. Makes life more fun. All right.
Reason number two that I’m all in with live video, is it’s engaging. Okay. You can come on right now, just like this, and chat with people. It’s engaging. Folks, the early research is showing us that live video like this, your prospects watch three times as long as recorded video. Imagine what that means, and what people are doing with that. It gives you more time to engage with them, and more time for them to take their next action steps. What I’m finding, there’s two other additional things. That people are watching the recorded version of the live video like this longer, because it feels live and it feels more personal, like we’re doing right now. I’ve had so many people come watch one of these on Facebook Live, watch one of the recorded ones, and right there in the Facebook updates, ask if it’s live even though it’s minutes, hours, or days ago. Reason number two, it is incredibly engaging.
Reason 3 – I’m all in with live video is, folks, it’s repurposing heaven. It is just flat out repurposing heaven. You can take this and make it into a YouTube video. You can put it on your blog. You can get it transcribed at rev.com, a dollar a minute, and it turns into an article. There are just so many ways you can repurpose this and get more traction, get more visibility, drive more traffic, build your list community, and make more sales.
Reason number one, it’s the future. Reason number two, it’s engaging. Reason number three, it’s repurposing heaven. Now, your bonus reason, it’s just flat-out a blast, folks. I don’t know if you can tell you not, but I have a lot of fun doing these things. Here’s the secret, when you’re having fun and your prospects, audience, listeners, your viewers, whatever are having more fun, they’re much more likely to be engaged, much more likely to take their next success steps, and much more likely to buy from you.
If you’re ready to either be all in with live video or maybe you just want to get your feet wet and try it out, here’s where I want you to go. I want you to visit, livevideosecrets.com

When you go there and hit the buy now button be sure to use coupon code save20. You see it right there, folks. Save20, that’ll get you twenty dollars off the already incredibly low investment. You can dive right in, just today in our Facebook community. That’s what I’ve been telling people lately. I don’t even create information products anymore. I create communities, and Facebook is the place to do it.

Right in the Facebook community, I’ve got a brand new template called The One Template, all about how to take just one thing and create your outline for doing something like this. Those of you that are worried about what are you going to say on live video, get in here at livevideosecrets.com, then go to the Facebook page, join the community, and grab that template. It is the most simple, beautiful, and powerful outline for what to do when you come on live here.

All right. There you go, that’s Jeff’s College of Live Video Knowledge. I hope you enjoyed it.

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