3 Marketing With Memes Tips Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

Tip #1: Choose A Compelling Graphic

The main idea with this is choosing a graphic that draws in your prospect.

So, this means you’ll get eyeballs on your marketing meme.

This spells the difference between success and failure because eyeballs create traffic, opt-ins, and sales.

👉Tip #2: Ask A Question In The Copy

The important thing for you to understand with this is that asking a question pulls in your prospect.

So, here’s what this means: questions increase the number of prospects who read your meme.

Online entrepreneurs need to understand this tip spells the difference between success and failure because the more prospects who read your meme the more prospects will see your Call to Action.

🤑Tip #3: Always Include A Call To Action

The main idea with this is a Call to Action invites your prospects to take their next success steps.

Bottom Line: a Call to Action gives your prospect another way to engage with you, spend money with you, or both.

This is critical to your success because this is how you turn one time customers into repeat and lifetime customers.

It will amaze you how much faster you can get things done as a online entrepreneur just by understanding these 3 marketing with memes tips and how to use them to your advantage. ❤️

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