3 Hot Strategies in Content Marketing Today

Do you know the 3 hottest strategies in Content Marketing today?

If you want more visibility, more traffic, more subscribers and more
sales with less effort, then you’ll want to read this article right now
to discover these 3 leading edge strategies for your business.

First let’s get a common question out of the way, shall we?

“But what if I’m not a Content Marketer, can I still benefit from these strategies?”

You know, I get that question often, and in typical former therapist fashion, I’m going to answer your question with a series of questions:

Do you have a blog?
Do you create blog posts for your blog?
Do you send emails to your online list community?
Do you answer customer questions by email?
Do you have products and services you offer your prospects and customers?
Do you do any group or individual coaching?

If you answered yes to even just one of the above questions, then you are a Content Marketer! Now that you know who you are, let me help you do it the best way possible with the latest leading edge strategies.

3 Hot Content Marketing Strategies

Hot Strategy #1 – Converting your blog posts and content articles into YouTube videos

Let’s face it – YouTube is the number 3 most trafficked site online, why wouldn’t you want to have a huge presence there?

If that does not convince you how about these 2 statistics straight from YouTube:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views

“But I don’t look good on video…” you say.

No problem. You’ll be happy to know that most of the videos you create out of your content are screen capture videos and you never have to show your face if you don’t want to…

And did you know that the typical blog post or article can be easily turned into  multiple videos?

Let’s say you’ve created a nice blog post about the 3 mistakes most people make in your niche. Now the average person would take that blog post and create one video with it.

But since you’re reading this article I know you’re not average, right?

The smart strategy is to create one small video for each of the mistakes, along with what to do instead. Now you have 3 videos out there working for you instead of the other person who only has one, and probably none.

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Hot Strategy #2 – Creating traffic generating info-graphics with your content

I’ll confess – I first thought of Pinterest and Instagram as silly sites for recipes and other things.

Then I heard my colleagues talking about how much targeted traffic they were getting from these “silly sites.”

So much of content online is moving towards video and info-graphics. If you doubt this, pay a visit to Facebook and notice how many posts have graphics attached, or are perhaps all graphics with words.

This is because the posts that don’t have graphics get noticed and read much less than those that do have info-graphics.

This can be done as simply as finding a relevant graphic and adding your content title to it all the way to a more full info-graphic charting the steps to accomplish a task or goal.

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Hot Strategy #3 – Marketing your content on LinkedIn

Just in case, let’s get this out of the way first:

LinkedIn is not just for “business people” and job searches anymore.

In fact it’s a great place to connect with targeted prospects and is the only social media site whose member’s average income is 6 figures and beyond.

But did you know you can now post your written content on LinkedIn Publishing, also known as LinkedIn Pulse?

You can post short form content, long form content, and include graphics and video too.

The feature I enjoy the most is not only can you include a Call to Action at the end of your content, you can include CTAs within appropriate places in the content. Just don’t over do it.

I can tell you this – a significant portion of my high quality free traffic comes from publishing my content on LinkedIn. Isn’t it your turn?

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