3 Fears Stealing Your Content Marketing Profits

Do you know 3 of  the fears that are stealing and sucking your content marketing profits?

If you want to get more exposure, more leads and more sales with your content, read on so you can crush these 3 fears.

Content Marketing Fear #1 – I’m not a big enough expert

I hear this one often, and it holds back so many good folks.

So yeah, you don’t want to make yourself out to be an expert on something you know nothing about. Too many people doing that all ready, right?

At the same time, you have expertise in something. None of the people online had to go somewhere to get certified as an expert. When you know something about a topic and share it with folks you’re seen as an expert.

Content Marketing Fear #2 – I’m not creative enough

Let me ask you something – do you worry?

If you’re above ground, then the answer is yes.

And if you worry, then you’re creative. Worrying is simply using your creativity in a way that does not serve you well.

Creating content out of your expertise is using your creativity in a way that not only serves you well, it can build your list and make a profit.

And speaking of making a profit…

Content Marketing Fear #3 – I’ve heard you can’t make money with your content

I’ve heard that. I’ve also heard that there’s a race of men in the trees.

The reality is the entire internet is built around content. Imagine a blank article here, a webinar with no slides, a video with no…  video.

You get the idea.

Create content in text, audio and video, and deliver a set of “golden nuggets.” Just like I’ve done here.

Then offer your prospects a way to get more golden nuggets from you, and/or how to get some of your valuable resources.

For example:

I’ve been building my businesses with content marketing, both offline and onlilne, for over 20 years now. So by now it’s easy for me.

Yet I know some of you continue to struggle with creating profitable content. That’s why Jim Edwards and I created the Custom Content Wizard for you, so that you can create all the text, audio and video content you’ll every need.

You’re invited to watch this mercifully brief video right here to get all the details and discover all you can do

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