3 Content Marketing Questions You Should Ask

Do you want to know the 3 questions (and answers) every Content Marketer should ask for more visibility, leads and profits?

Then you need to read this immediately to get the answers to the questions you probably don’t even know to ask.
!!!#1 Question You Should Ask:
“How can I create good content in the shortest possible time?”

I’ll give you 3 tips for this one:

Tip 1: Keep an ongoing list of content ideas – Pay attention to frequently asked questions from your prospects and customers.  As ideas come to you, capture them.

Tip 2: Create content consistently – The more you do this the easier and more profitable it becomes. And you’ll find the more you create content the more ideas you’ll have which helps you with #1 which is turn helps you with #2.

So to speak…

Tip 3: Use content creation templates – You can stare at a bland screen if you want to, or you can use templates that prompt you to create great content. And at the end of this content I’m going to show you where to go to watch a quick video all about how to do this… Click here is you can’t wait.

Wow, I’ve already given you so much good stuff I could stop this article now… but we’ve got 2 more questions to ask.

Onward we go…

#2 Question You Should Ask:
“What is the #1 place to get quality traffic with my content?”

Great question. Here’s the answer:

Right here on LinkedIn! Create your content on a regular basis and publish it right here on LinkedIn. You’ll reach targeted customers ready to do business with you.

With that said, why wouldn’t you post your content right here several times a week?



#3 Question You Should Ask:
“Can I create products with my content?”

That’s a big giant YES!

Product creation is one of the many subject areas online that have been made much too difficult. I remember listening to a preview call years ago in which we were told it would cost $2000 to create your product and take a year to do.

Since I had just created a new product that weekend at no cost I decided that was 11 months and a few weeks too long to create a product.

Two of the quickest and easiest ways to create info-products with your content are to:

1) Take an existing piece of content and expand it.
2) Bundle several pieces of content around one topic.

Now that you’ve got the answers to these Content Marketing questions every online entrepreneur should be asking,  I can tell you this:

You can do everything I just mentioned above and so much more with a cool little tool called the Custom Content Wizard. Watch this mercifully brief video all about how to get more visibility, prospects and profits with your content.

Here’s your link:

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