3 Content Marketing Problems Solved for You

Do you know the 3  biggest Content Marketing problems that stop most online entrepreneurs in their tracks?

If you’re an online entrepreneur who wants to get more visibility, more subscribers and more sales with content marketing, then read this immediately because the problems and how to solve them are inside this article.

Problem #1: Getting started

This one messes with so many people. Just like most things, the doing is not the challenge. Getting started on the doing is the challenge, right?

Having taught thousands of people to create content that sells, here’s a tip:

Use a question and then a content creation prompt. For example, for the problem of getting started I would use:

Question: Why is this a problem?

Content creation prompt: (This is a problem because…)

Then all you do is answer the question and fill out the prompts.

Problem #2: Getting enough content ideas

Consistent content creation and marketing is what wins the day.

Too many would be marketers create one or two pieces of content, and when the world does not beat a path to their door, claim that content marketing does not work.

Content marketing works great, it’s just that some people don’t work so great.

So in order to create enough content, you’ve got to create enough content ideas.

Here’s a few tips:

– Pay attention to the frequently asked questions from your prospects and customers – great content ideas here

– What are the 3 biggest mistakes beginners make in your niche?

– What are the 3 biggest myths in your area of expertise?

Getting the idea…?

Problem #3: Not enough time to create good content

When I do webinars about Content Marketing and ask about attendee’s biggest challenges, the issue of time always comes up.

And it’s true – creating content can be time consuming.

Here are 2 solutions:

1) Keep a constantly growing list of content ideas. When you think of an idea, write it down. Don’t tell yourself you’ll remember it later. You won’t. Write it down.

2) Get your very own copy of the Custom Content Wizard. Answer a few questions about your niche topic and the wizard cranks out 64 content idea starters, 144 title ideas, and your content in 21 different powerful templates in both Word and PowerPoint. Plus it works in both PC and Mac.

And you can use the Custom Content Wizard for as many niche topics as you want, over and over again.

Watch this mercifully brief video to get the full story and to get started now.

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