3 Content Ideas You Can Use Now

Content creation is tough when you’re struggling for ideas.

And struggling for ideas is no fun, right?

So here are 3 to get you jump started:

1) Barriers

You can crank out good content fast with this one.

Simply list 3 barriers to getting to a desired goal. Use descriptive language to make sure your prospect really feels the barrier.

Then give one good actionable tip to get past the barrier.

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2) Bust a Myth

Busting myths in your niche will increase your credibility rather nicely.

Identify a commonly held belief in your niche that is really a myth. The more accepted the myth the better.

Then bust the myth with a fun dose of reality. For bonus point explain why the reality is of greater benefit than the myth.

3) What to Do When…

No matter the niche, stuff happens!

Prepare your prospect with what to do when bad things happen.

In this case, name a frequent challenge faced by someone in your niche.

Then give them 3 steps to take to successfully handle the challenge.

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