3 Biggest Myths About Content Marketing Today: Part 2

Do you know the 3 biggest myths about Content Marketing today?

If you want more traffic, visibility, leads and sales then you need to read this immediately because the myths and the TRUTH about Content Marketing are inside this article.

It’s been said that it’s not what you don’t know that hurts you, it’s what you know that’s just not so.

To that end, here is Myth #2 big and the reality that will help you build your business.

Myth #2: I’ve got Writer’s Block!


Allow me to ask you a couple of questions:
1) Have you ever had “talking block?”
2) Have you ever had “eating block?”

Sometimes I think writer’s block is a myth we talk ourselves into because “if we have writer’s block then we must be writers, right?”

The reality is when you use content creation templates and keep a running list of content ideas then writer’s block, whether real or imagined, becomes a thing of the past.

Here’s a mercifully brief video that shows you what I mean

Check back tomorrow to find out Myth #3!

Now that you know Myth #2, I’d like to invite you to further discover the truth about Content Marketing by watching this mercifully brief video about creating multiple content ideas and content pieces with much less overall human effort.

Watch it here

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