How to 2X, 3X, Even 5X Your Sales with the Same Traffic [Demo Video]

Morning Edition

One of my favorite authors is Andy Andrews (in fact, he’s one of my mentors)

His new book “The Little Things” is one of 2 I’ve read over and over this year, as he writes about the “little things” that help you compete at a level in which the competition doesn’t even know there’s a game going on…

Here’s one of them:

Split Testing

Yesterday we held one of the very best webinars I’ve ever hosted.

Jim Edwards showed us 5 ways to attract more subscribers and make more sales no matter what you sell

Part of what made the webinar so great is we didn’t just tell you about these 5 ways, we demo’ed each one for you.

So what I’ve done is chop up the webinar demos into separate videos for you, so you can catch each one in smaller chunks, and over the next few days I’ll release each one here.

Today starts with “split testing” – every one knows you should do it, but it’s been just so hard…

We’ve made it super easy for you to split test almost anything, and you can see how below:

Click here to watch the 13 minute 30 second video and discover how you can 2X, 3X, even 5X your sales with the same traffic!

Helping you become an unstoppable entrepreneur,
~ Jeff

Split PS – Did you know I’m split testing the subject line in this email? Each one of the two are slightly different – I’ll report back tomorrow on the results…

Coming Tomorrow PPS – Tomorrow’s video demo will be all about “How to Use the EXACT Same Marketing Strategy Grocery Stores Have Used for 100 Years to Create a 5.32 Trillion Dollar Industry” and how “lil’ ol’ us” can use it too 😉

Watch today’s demo video here

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