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Imagine, if you will, what your life would be like if each time you needed to use your car to go somewhere, you had to create a brand new vehicle from scratch.

Want to go to Starbucks for a cup of Joe and the morning newspaper? Create a new vehicle.

Great seats to hear your favorite band? Need a new vehicle.

Off to see the latest popular movie? Hang on, gotta build a car.

Stressful, ridiculous and over the top, right?

Of course. The purpose of a vehicle is to get you to as many places as you want to go, over and over again, right?

So why do we as entrepreneurs believe we need to create a new piece of content each and every time we want or need content?

The Good News

The good news is that you don’t need to recreate content every time. You can repurpose content in many ways.

You have probably heard about repurposing content before. I bet you have yet to grasp and access the full power of repuposing.

The above example with cars is a little crazy. And speaking of crazy, I bet you are also familiar with the standard definition of insanity.

“Doing the same thing, that does not work, over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Well, Alex Mandossian and I have come up with a similar, but much more useful definition of Repurposing:

”Repurposing is Hyper-Sanity – using the same thing over and over again and getting fantastic profit producing results.”

Content Repurposing – 21 Ways to Get Your Information in Front of as Many Hot Prospects as Possible

So, are you ready to be hyper-sane and get fantastic profit producing results? Then you are really going want to keep this article within reach. What follows are 21 ways to repurpose your content. You’ll get

  • 7 Text Repurposing Ideas
  • 7 Audio Repurposing Ideas
  • 7 Video Repurposing Ideas

And all from one piece of content.

7 Text Repurposing Ideas

1) Online Articles Since I’m known as the Article Marketing Guy, it makes sense that I would begin with this one. Repurpose your content into a 400 – 500 word article on a specific topic from your niche. While there are many online Article Directories, I recommend you start with EzineArticles. They receive over 50 million unique visitors a month. You want to be in front of that much traffic.

2) Newsletter ArticlesBill Glazer will be teaching an entire blueprint on marketing with newsletters at the 2011 GKIC SuperConference in Chicago. Any content you create can and should be repurposed as articles for your newsletter(s).

Maritza, my wife and business partner, recently used a previous article of mine for our February newsletter. The original article was created in 1995. While it’s been reworked and updated, it’s still relevant today. That’s flat out evergreen.

3) Blog seriesDon’t make the mistake of only getting one blog post out of a piece of content. Create a blog post series. How many blog posts could I get out of this article?

4) EmailStart an email off with a few sentences from your content and provide the link to read the rest of the content. I could make it harder for you, but why?

5) Tweet or Tweet SeriesTweet the title of your content with a link. You can tweet quotes from your content as well, with a link. You can also create a Tweet Series. Include one tip with each Tweet, with a link, of course.

6) Facebook Update or FB Update SeriesCreate a FB Update with the title of your content with a link. You can use sub-headings from your content with a link. You can also do a FB Update Series, including a link with each update.
Side Note 1: Now you can no longer say you don’t know what to say on Twitter or Facebook.

7) A Compilation BookCollect several pieces of content or articles around a topic. Deliver them in a small and inexpensive traditional book. Beats the heck out of the traditional business card when you are networking.

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7 Audio Repurposing Ideas

8 ) TeleSeminarOne piece of content equals at least one great teleseminar, perhaps more. If you have written a 7 Tips Article, then you have the bullets for your teleseminar content already laid out for you.

9) Blog Talk RadioYour content is your topic for your own show. It’s also your topic as a guest. If you are a guest, you can create questions for the host based on your content. This is a good thing to do, as you already know the answers.

10) Audio RecordingRecord your content. Then offer it as an audio on your blog or website. This is a great way to bring in the traffic.

11) An mp3Offer your audio as an mp3 recording, either as a freebie on your site or a downloadable product. I’ll always remember the first time one of my students told me they listen to me at the gym.

12) Audio CDWith you can create a professional looking Audio CD for as little as one dollar. Use it as a business card when networking or sell it as one of your information products. How about an entire line of Audio CD’s based on your content?

13) 24 Hour Recorded MessageIt’s amazing to me how few people do this because it is so powerful. Have a prospect dial a toll free number where you deliver 3 – 5 tips via your recorded voice.

14) Signature Speech or PresentationIt’s not the fear of public speaking that messes people up. It’s the fear of not knowing what to say. Not anymore.

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7 Video Repurposing Ideas

15) YouTube Take your content and deliver it as a screen capture video on the #3 most trafficked site online. And you don’t have to deliver all of your content in one video. Break up your content piece into several online videos. This increases your overall reach from one piece of content.

16) Video Distribution Sites Use video distribution sites like Traffic Geyser and TubeMogul to spread your information to more hungry prospects online.

17) Video TrainingIf you have your training in text only, you are really missing out. Screen capture videos combined with you teaching at a white board have a very high perceived value. Charge accordingly.

18) WebTVYou can create your own WebTV Show by repurposing your content. When you offer several tips in your content, you can create a show around each tip. Hint: your show does not have to be 30 minutes long like on network television. You decide how long the show will be.

19) DVDIn the same way as an Audio CD, will create a first class DVD for you for as little as one dollar. Screen capture instructional videos combined with you teaching at a white board are perfect for this. High perceived value. Charge accordingly.

20) Video Sales LetterYour content can be a great teaser for a bigger information product in a Video Sales Letter. Your content tips are the appetizer for the full meal.

21) TV AppearancesTurn your content into guest appearances on TV. Once upon a time as a family therapist, I was the “Good Morning Family Therapist” on the local CBS morning news show. Great visibility and each show pulled in new clients. Each segment was based on content already created.

You could also go big and aim for national TV shows as well.

You can get all this leverage from just one piece of content. There are more repurposing strategies, space allowed for only 21.

Side Note 2: Do you think that this article will eventually be repurposed in all these ways? You betcha!

Side Note 3: Which of these 21 Repurposing Strategies can you begin before your head hits the pillow tonight?

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  • Wow! Thanks, Jeff! This is quite a list on how to re-purpose my articles.

    I guess I need to go make some videos now…

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      E.G. – Go for it, and let us know when they are up…

      ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Thanks E.G. – it sure keeps me busy

    Check out our TeleSeminar on Harnessing the Power of Repurposing at

  • Gail Gillespie

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Jeff…this is a wonderful list and will be most helpful as I was looking to redo or purpose as you say articles and web content this year. Many have not been as well used as they could have, so I want to use my efforts more fruitfully.An ebook using content from one section of my website is on the list for 2011 too. I am not sure how suitable some ideas are for a travel website….but I guess some creative thinking might produce something useful.

  • Susanne Jorgensen

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for those super ideas. I’ve got a lot of really good written content and this really inspired me to start repurposing it.

    Today I took a blog series I wrote and turned it into draft 1 of an ebook. I also made 20 short 2-3 min audios from the same material.

    Will work on videos this week too.

    Thanks again!
    Warm regards

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Susanne – great job. That is definitely showing G*U*T*S – Go Use This Stuff!

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff!

    Recycling articles saves the Globe! Seriously, you shared good ideas and when I looked my old articles at Ezine ( over 1.000 ), I found out, surprise surprise, that some were pretty good. That made me to think, if I would re-write them partly and then submit again.
    Thanks for your ideas!!


  • Sunny James

    Reply Reply

    Wow what a great way to have several ways to use a single piece of information I’ll start using them.

    thanks Jeff

  • Meredith Rabil

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff,
    This is a wonderful article! I have been thinking alot about repurposing content, and these tips are going to get me started. I loved your booklet and mp3 download idea. They’d make great free gifts. I’m also going to try the Tweet series idea for sure. Thanks again!

  • Laurie@Affiliate Marketing Training

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Do you have a list of article directories that you use? I thought I saw it somewhere (it could have been info from one of your webinars, like the last one you did about article marketing being dead) but I cannot locate it.

    If there is such a thing, could you direct me on where it is?

    Thanks so much.

  • Sunny James

    Reply Reply

    This is just what I needed ideas to spread
    my message
    thanks Jeff

  • Venita Rappleye

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    I like this post lots. i will be able to undoubtedly be back. Hope that ready to be able to browse additional insightful posts then. are sharing your information with all of my friends!

  • Heriberto Twedell

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    I appears that you’ve put a good amount of effort into your article and I require a lot more of these on the web these days. I sincerely got a kick out of your post!

  • World Imports Lighting

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    Hey there, I usually don’t comment but figured I would do it now. Plain and simple I like your website.

  • optyk

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    Good report in addition to simple to help understand explanation. How do When i try obtaining permission to help publish part on the article around my approaching e-newsletter? Giving correct credit ratings to your account this article author in addition to hyperlink towards webpage would not become a dilemma.

  • Jeff,

    This is really a helpful post. I don’t do much “repurposing” but when I see all the possibilities of what I could do to expand the reach of what I have already written, I am inspired!

    I think I kind of have the mindset of “well, they’ve already seen that.” But, with different formats you are bound to reach new people.

    Thanks so much:-)

  • motivational youth speaker

    Reply Reply

    I enjoyed your info on repurposing content very helpful thanks

  • Great!

    Honestly, I only just skimmed these since I’m headed out the door but even in skimming it I found myself saying: “Oh… that’s a good idea” — for instance, how to Twee content and share different segments of your content with your audience. And, the question on blogging: “How many blog posts could I get out of this article?” Super.

    Thanks much,


  • Great information and a time saver for sure! I’m in the process of repurposing a lot of my old articles from a few years ago for other uses (something I wish I did at the time) and hopefully it will lead to additional revenue in the coming months/years.

    I’m a fan of repurposing these days instead of reprinting (at least online) to get the unique article slant going and get some google love.

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