2 Kinds of Profitable Facebook LIVE Casts

At last! How to show up on Facebook Live!

I know many of you see the huge opportunity with Facebook Live, yet struggle with how to do it.

One of my jobs is to take things that are complex and break them down into the simplest form. I know I’ve got to do that for me! Then I pass it on to you!

2 Types of Facebook Live Casts

The Regular Short Show

Think of this like a podcast.

This is going live on Facebook several times a week for just 5 – 10 minutes, just like a podcast.

Deliver one tip, answer one question, have one feature, add one call to action, and you’re done.

See an example from me here

The Weekly Variety Show

Ever wanted your own TV variety show?

This is how you do it.

This is a longer show, 30 – 45 minutes. Have regular features on the show. Teach one tip each from 3 different areas of your expertise. Answer questions from the live audience and questions that have been sent in.

Check out Tom Antion’s Tom Antion LIVE Variety Show (PG-13)

Now that you know the 2 types of Facebook Live Shows, it’s time to dig deeper into exactly what you say on your shows to create more prospects and profits.

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