2 Hiding-in-Plain-Sight Facebook Traffic Tips

There are 2 “hiding-in-plain-sight” strategies for getting more traffic from Facebook that hardly anyone knows about, much less does…

Hiding in Plain Sight

Did you know that your cover photo and your profile pic on Facebook are both clickable links?

So as not to embarrass anyone but myself, I’m going to use one of my old Facebook pages as an example of what not to do, even though it’s what the vast majority of online entrepreneurs do.

What Not to Do
So here’s an old page of mine – “Jeff Herring Webinars” – both the cover photo and profile picture are clickable links.

But when you click on them, you’ll see what you find when you click on most people’s profile pic or cover photo:
You get the “Add a description” blues!

What to Do Instead

Now after discovering that both the profile pic and cover photo are clickable links, check out what happens when you click on my cover photo for my “Results Now with Jeff Herring” page:
You find a link to an upcoming webinar.

Now check out what you find when you click on the profile pic:
You get a link to get some cool free stuff…

Your Next Success Steps

1) Make sure when someone clicks on your profile pic or cover photo they do not get the “Add a description” blues, but instead find clickable links that build your traffic and your list community.

2) Join my “Results Now with Jeff Herring” Facebook Community and get some great free stuff and more great tips like the one you found here 😉

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