2 Christmas Eve Wishes from the Article Marketing Guy

I’ve got 2 Christmas Eve Wishes for you today:

Wish 1 –  Every year my dear friend and colleague Mike Stewart – The Internet Audio & Video Guy – delivers a special holiday music message on Christmas Eve.

The first time I heard it in December of 2006, I was in the middle of a move between Tallahassee, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, and was sleeping in the lobby of a Hampton Inn because I was broke. You can get the full story on that night and how much has changed since then here.

I had met Mike at a Tom Antion event and was on his list. The Music Video touched me deeply and told me everything was gonna be all right.

You can catch this year’s Christmas Eve Music Video from Mike Stewart here. Please watch and leave your comments for Mike.

Wish 2 – Massive Success for you in the New Year – which is why I created The Article Marketing TeleSeminar Club – so you can learn the strategies I use every day for success for your business with Article Marketing in an affordable way.

At the time of this writing, there are only 13 spots left in  the first 100 Charter Members! And you get to choose your Signing Bonus when you come on board.

Many of you have told me you are coming on board and are going to give this to your self as a Christmas present. If you are coming on board, please do so now, because when the last 13 places are gone, the price more than doubles! Please don’t miss out!

Get the Full Story, come on board and claim your Signing Bonus right here!

And all that are on board by tomorrow will receive a special un-announced bonus on Christmas Day!

P.S. Watch the blog for a special holiday wish tomorrow and then a special After Christmas Sale on Friday!

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  • Gina Carr

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    What a great Christmas Eve story, great music, and a great new club. I'm glad I got in as a Charter Member. I look forward to writing a lot of articles in 09. Thanks for the great job you do keeping us informed and inspired Jeff!

  • And a wonderful Christmas to you and the boys! I know you made my 2008 brighter and will do the same in 2009. Merry, Merry Christmas!

  • Jeff,
    Thanks for giving me my big break a year ago. I will always be grateful, and am building my business in a way that would never have been possible before.


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    Success for your Article Marketing TeleSeminar Club for 09'
    Mary Christmas to the Herring family!

    Only Be Great !

  • Thank You for all your good information. Have a Happy and Merry Christmas and New Year.


  • Merry Christmas, Jeff! I wish you all the best for the New Year – am very excited about the Club!

  • liz zed

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    Merry Christmas Jeff,
    I concur with Gina about all 3 above. Today on Christmas Eve, once again–as I often am when either you or Mike come into my awareness–I am filled with feelings of gratitude towards both you for your awesome generosity of spirit and your inspiring ways.

  • Thank you for your gift Jeff. That's the greatest article ever. My gift to you is to add the gift of wisdom, particulary the serenity prayer(google it). But bottom line is to know what you can or cannot change.

    The other gift which grows out of wisdom is the awareness of transparency in business. This year we have seen the largest ponzi scheme ever(google Bernard Madoff for more information on the allegations) And I'm wishing that people will realize that there are no "shortcut to riches".

    If what you do does not have an equal benefit for thelarger community than eventually it will fail. So Jeff, thank you for your transparency; your offering of freebies to give us a sense of who you are and the knowledge you inpart to us so that we know what we can or cannot change in the world of article marketing.

  • What a great read Jeff.. 🙂 Happy Holiday Season.. Cheers!

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