2 Articles You Will Want to Read and Then G*U*T*S!

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jeff herring, G*U*T*S,go use this stuffHere are 2 articles that I want you to read and then have the G*U*T*S to Go Use This Stuff!

Simply click on the title for each and the article will open up in a new window so you can come back and read the other article too!

Article Marketing Ain’t Sexy – But It’s Quickest Way to Make Money 3 Different Ways on the Internet
Do you know 3 different ways to make quick money with Article Marketing? Well, here they are inside. (One does not even require a web site.) Seriously.

Practical Article Marketing – When Article Titles Go Horribly Wrong (Don’t Let This Happen to You)
Do you know the biggest mistakes most often made with Article Titles? Read on to find out what to do instead.

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  • I like your style. Thanks for the Great Read. I enjoy reading articles on this very subject. It helps me add a new twist to what I enjoy. Article Writing and Blogging, It does not get any better. Thx.

  • dr jim sellner, PhD

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    Hi jeff,
    thank you these tips are great. the title one is bang on – snooze on the title lose on the mind.
    dr jim sellner, PhD.,DipC.

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