List Building – The Perfect Cure for Your Small List Community Part 3

Profitable List Building is one of the key skills to building a thriving online business. And building a thriving online business is the reason you are reading this article, yes?

Unfortunately there’s a lot of confusion out there about the importance of the size of your list community and how to grow your list community.

A little mindset training… 

While size does matter, responsiveness is just as important as size, if not more so. You would rather have a highly responsive list of one thousand than a non-responsive list of ten thousand.

The Perfect Cure (in 3 parts) for Growing Your List Community

So here is Tip # 3, and mixed with two more tips they make up the perfect cure for a small list (not that there’s anything wrong with a small list):

List Building Tip #3 – JVs and Affiliates – Create a teleseminar or webinar presentation that you can give to the list communities of like minded colleagues in your niche. You set up the opt-in page and your host sends the traffic. You do the presentation and everyone that signed up becomes a part of your list community.

Bonus Tip – The only thing I don’t like about Tip #3 is that I didn’t use it earlier to build my list community.


And just one more thing – you can claim your Free Instant Access to a training video all about how to create a compelling give-away to build your list.

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