Remember the great scene in Jim Carrey’s “Bruce Almighty” when he makes rival anchor Evan Baxter say ridiculous stuff on the air?

“I lika do the cha cha like a sissy girl!”

Got him fired from the newscast. And created one of the funniest scenes in movies.
While saying the wrong words in your content might not get you fired, it can sure reduce the sales you make!

So this week I’m going to show you 7 tweaks you can make to your content (text, audio, video) to guarantee your content sets up the sale.

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“You Had Me at Hello”
7 Tweaks to Guarantee
Your Content Sets Up the Sale
Tuesday October 14th
4 pm EDT (Atlanta Time)
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1 pm PDT (San Diego Time)
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And 4 am in Kuala Lumpur

And you’ll discover:

=> How to Begin with the End in Mind –  your profits start here

=> 3 Guaranteed Ways to Blow the Sale – you’re probably doing at least one

=> 7 Sure-Fire Conversion Set Ups – simple changes that grease the sales slope

=> Results Now Mini-Workshop – let’s put these into practice right now

=> “Content Conversion  GENIUS TIP – do this every time to make your content convert like crazy!

=> Your Next Success Steps – how to run with this and profit

=> And like all my events – So. Much. More!
I promise you’ll walk away with powerful strategies you can use right away!

Jeff Herring Marketing Training
     Let’s Go Use This Stuff
     ~ Jeff
     Almighty PS – Big doors swing on small hinges => discover 7 small tweaks that guarantee your content sets up the sale
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