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Practical Article Marketing Tips - 3 Reasons You Might Not Want to Get Tons of Traffic From Articles

I can think of only three reasons you might not want to get tons of traffic from your article marketing. Read on to discover if any of these apply to you. Here are the facts - When you get your articles on EzineArticles you will expose your information to tons of traffic. This place receives 15 million unique visitors a month. That means that 500,000 (or half a million a [...]

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List Building Mistake Number 3 - Failing to List the Benefits of Opting in on Your Opt-In Page

When you are list building your opt-in page must have clear benefits listed for joining your list community. It has to pass the "who cares" test, because a person's coming to this page and they're considering trading their email address for something. So they're thinking, "What's in it for me?" 4 important questions you must answer In all your marketing messages you w [...]

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A Turning Point...

When I was 7  I decided to write a story about a giant spider I got about 2 sentences in and went back to building my models (perhaps it was the glue...) The next time I tried to write anything was 18 years later  when it was time to write my dissertation for my PhD in Family Therapy While I got further than I did on the story about the giant spider, this one di [...]

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List Building Mistake Number 2 - Having the Opt-In Box Out of Sight Below the Fold

One of the biggest mistakes in List Building is having the opt-in box below the fold on your opt-in page. Now what the heck does that mean, below the fold? It's on the second of half of something. Picture a newspaper and it's usually folded. The front page is folded so everything below that fold is "below the fold." Everything above the fold is "above the fold." What [...]

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