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Practical Content Marketing Tips - How to Create a Hyper-Responsive List of Gold With Your Content

Content Marketing consistently provides the 5 success factors you need to be successful on the internet in any niche: Content Creation, Online Visibility, Traffic Generation, List Building and Product Creation. In this article we are going to take a closer look at List Building. The Money is in the List "The money is in the list" is another one of those internet s [...]

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Practical Article Marketing Tips - Can You Create an Article Description That Pulls in the Traffic?

Who knew that a well crafted description of your article could pull in more traffic? On the Article Directories this is called a teaser copy or summary. I call it a description. It's a description of your article. Here is the formula: Ask a question, promise the answer. It's both painful and amusing to me that most people write the most boring descriptions in the world. [...]

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Practical Article Marketing Tips - How to Craft Your Article Title For Endless Streams of Traffic

If you can follow this simple formula for your article titles, you will pull in more traffic. Read on to discover the formula and how to implement it in your article writing. First here's your formula: keywords, benefits, keywords If you remember that phrase and make sure every title fits that, your titles will get picked up more and your articles will get picked up mo [...]

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[Content Marketing Tip] Online Visibility

Not sure what to say on Social Media? That challenge is solved forever when you create content on a regular basis. Let's say you've created a blog post with a few good points and several sub-headings. Why not use each of those points and each of those sub-headings as Social Media updates, and include a link back to your blog so your prospect can benefit from the entire [...]

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