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Practical Public Speaking Tips - How to Think on Your Feet When Crazy Things Happen (and They Will)

If you are a public speaker, you know you have to be able to think on your feet. You want to be prepared to respond well when things go wrong, and they will. An example Years ago I was speaking at a conference in Orlando in an after lunch session. About 3 minutes into my talk a woman on the back row began to choke. I went rushing back there to help as did several peop [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - Can You Really Write 100 Articles in 100 Days? (Yes You Can!)

I've said this many times about Article Marketing: The greater the number of your great quality articles, the greater all your other numbers will be. Numbers like your traffic, prospects, subscribers, members, listeners and profits. 100 Articles in 100 Days "Alright Jeff, that makes sense. But 100 articles in 100 days? C'mon, that is not really possible is it?" N [...]

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Practical Article Marketing Tips - Discover How to Write Articles Right, Or Else

Article Marketing can bring you endless waves of prospects, publicity and profits, when you do it right. That is where the title of this article comes from - "write articles right....or else." Or else what? One of the challenges of article marketing is that there are lots of ways to do it wrong. If you do not execute this strategy correctly, here is just a sample of w [...]

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Practical Article Marketing Tips - Did You Know the Best Resource Box Tells a Great Big Fib?

I have found Article Marketing to be the absolute best free way to generate tons of traffic and visitors for your online business. To do this right, however, you have to know how to craft a prospect pulling Resource Box at the end of your articles. And unfortunately, in order to craft a prospect pulling Resource Box, you have to learn how to fib. What Jeff?! Are you actually [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - Your Resource Box - 3 Things to Avoid & 3 Things You Gotta Do

If you want Content Marketing to work for you, then you have to craft a Resource Box that makes the reader want to click through to your web site or blog. So here are three things to avoid and 3 things to always do in your Resource Box. 3 Things to Avoid Thing 1 - Starting with information about you. This is like announcing to the reader "Attention: the article is [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - How to Fix Your Article Title to Pull in More Readers

Article Marketing begins with a great article title. You want to craft a title that will pull the reader into the article and will also be found by the search engines. The benefit here is how to get the most leverage and reach out of each and every article. You're going to be able to get leverage and reach when you read this. My article title formula My article tit [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Resource Box Mistakes?

The Resource Box in your articles is a very important piece of real estate in your article. What you say here will make or break your article marketing efforts. So let's take a look at 3 of the biggest and deadliest mistakes article writing make when creating their resource box, and then what to do instead. Big Mistake #1 - Making it all about you. Because the resour [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - You Can't Make Money With Article Marketing - Truth Or Myth?

One of my favorite TV show to watch with my sons is "Myth Busters." I mean, what better job could there be? You get to bust myths, blow stuff up on TV, and get paid for it! Sign me up. One of the myths I hear all the time is you cannot make money with Article Marketing. While we won't blow anything up in the process, I think I can bust that myth for you in this article. [...]

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