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Article Marketing Questions - How Do I Post Articles in Several Different Niches?

Q: Can you explain how to handle posting articles in several different niches? Do I need to use different author profiles, etc? A: Good question. First, what I would say though is if you haven't gone deep in one niche and made a profit in that niche yet, you don't want to write in different niches. You want to get one going and working for you, and then spread out. I [...]

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Profitable Content Creation - Stop Getting Writer's Block and Start Using Templates (Right Now!)

Profitable content creation is one of the fundamental skills you must have for massive success online. And you are reading this article because you want massive success online, right? The challenge for many online entrepreneurs is this pesky little thing called writer's block. One of my goals here is to get you past that nasty writer's block thing now and forever. Stop [...]

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Practical List Building Tips - 5 Prospect Pulling Strategies to Use on Every Opt-In Page

List building is at the heart of any successful online business. The challenge is list building has been made to look like a very complicated and difficult process. The good news is it does not have to be. 5 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies Here are  five powerful prospect pulling  strategies that you want to use on every opt-in page: 1.   Keep it simple and powerful [...]

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Productive and Profitable Content Creation - STOP Doing THAT and Start Doing THIS (Content Daily)

Profitable Content Creation is the foundation of being successful online over the long haul. And you do want to be successful online for a long time, right? Pay no attention to those who say the time of content creation is over. Think about it: while they are saying this, what are they doing? Creating content! At the same time, there are many practices online th [...]

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