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Video Blogger Results Now Webinar

My buddy Mike Stewart has done it again!​Mike has made video even simpler!And the resources you need even more in reach - especially if you are on a shoe-string budget...​Check out all the details in the info-graphic below and join us here!​ [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - How to Get Testimonials Before Your First Product is Even Ready

Q: When creating my first product - what strategies can I use to overcome the fact that I have no testimonials? A: I really like your question and the attitude behind it which says to me you are not going to let anything stop you. And you should never let not having any testimonials yet stop you from creating your first or any other product. Having said that, here are [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - For Those of You Who Still Believe You Can't Write Articles

The trouble with Content Marketing is that it requires you to somehow create a significant volume of articles. While you can have someone else do it for you, unless they can "write in your voice" you are going to miss out on a good part of the "know like and trust factor" that comes from writing articles. Which leads many people to the road block of "I just can't write arti [...]

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Content Marketing For Beginners - 3 Don'ts & 3 Dos to Get Massive Amounts of Click Thrus Per Article

Do you know how to get a massive amount of click thrus on each of your articles? Here are 3 things to avoid and three things to do to make every article work for you. Your Author Resource Box The Author Resource Box is where you are actually encouraged to include links back your web site or blog. Is this cool or what? How you do this makes all the difference in how m [...]

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