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Profitable Content Conversion - 3 Big Mistakes That Choke Off the Flow of Prospects & Profits from Your Content

Profitable Content Conversion is where the money is made online. This is how you get more prospects and profits. And you do want more prospects and profits, right? Kill the Call to Action I've grown tired of the term "call to action" or CTA. Why? It's over used to the point of being meaningless. That's why I like to talk about content conversion and conversion ma [...]

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Content Marketing Makes the Internet Doable For the Average Person

Of course I realize that is a fairly large claim to make, so now it is time to back it up. The average person coming onto the internet does not have a massive background in marketing or business. Many of my students come to the internet with a dream, an idea, some expertise in a certain area, and not much more. The biggest challenge The biggest challenge for most brand ne [...]

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Practical Product Creation Tips - Discover the Crucial Mindset For Long Term Profits

This mindset I'm about to share with you is something I learned from my first internet marketing mentor, Tom Antion, and his long-range view of looking at a long-term sustainable business and his long-range view of creating profits and creating products - his long-range view of creating products and how he thinks about those. One-Shot Deals versus A Long Term Sustainable [...]

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Video Made Easy & Affordable [...]

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