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Content Marketing - Your Solution For Highly Targeted Traffic

Content Marketing is the best way I have ever found to generate endless waves of targeted traffic to your websites and blogs. When I talk about targeted traffic, I mean two things: 1. Targeting who you want to see your content, and 2) Directing them where you want them to go. 1) Target the traffic you want - When someone reads one of your articles it is not by ch [...]

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Practical Content Marketing Tips - "Yeah, All This Sounds Good, But What If I Can't Write?"

Article marketing helps you create content, drive traffic, build your list, create marketing messages and info products. Despite all these powerful advantages I still hear the following self-imposed limitation all the time: "Yeah, that all sounds great, but what if I can't write?" I once believed I could not write Before I became an internet marketer I was a mar [...]

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Practical Content Marketing - What is the Ideal Number of Articles to Have to Drive Lots of Traffic?

Q: What is the ideal number of articles to have to drive unlimited waves of traffic? A: More. Now I know that sounds like a smart-aleck answer, but in many ways it really is a genuine answer. Here are two reasons why. Why more is better 1. Whenever someone asks me "how many articles do I need to write to be successful?" I get a little worried. My concern is [...]

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